Lean Construction Through Owner-Contractor Partnering

We have long practiced building project partnership. Through this team-based approach that involves partnering of building owners, architects and engineers, and builders, we can more efficiently handle construction projects.

A Better Way to Build

Jens Construction embraces building project partnering. This team-based approach brings together all stakeholders in a construction project, and positions them in teams that work together. The process brings greater efficiencies to construction projects than traditional approaches, resulting in better outcomes for all involved.

You may have heard about partnering as one of the latest trends in construction, but we have been practicing it for years. Its value has been proved time and again on projects we handle.

Following are some of the benefits of the partnering approach:

  • Contractor value engineering can be provided during the earlier stages of design
  • Construction cost can be established much sooner than via conventional methods
  • Projects can be bid in phases, allowing construction to begin prior to completion of all design documents
  • Fewer change orders and punch list items and less warranty work is required
  • Disputes during construction are minimized or eliminated
  • Projects can be completed in less time than via convention design-bid-build methods

The success of this method is demonstrated by the number of Jens Construction clients that have completed multiple building projects through project partnering. Building owners understand the real value of this method when they see the contractor and architect take "ownership" of a project.

Call us to learn how building project partnering can improve your next construction job.

Please don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions. We are committed to providing quality service and will get back to you as soon as we can.


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