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Jens has many years' experience with healthcare construction projects. As such we have gained valuable insight about how to deliver the best possible product in a critical environment. Because of the high cost of mistakes, Jens partners with its healthcare clients at every step of the construction process so work never disrupts the client’s ability to provide safe and trustworthy healthcare services.


From student education and campus life to faculty and staff workspace, Colleges and Universities face many diverse challenges in keeping their facilities competitive year after year. Click the link below to see how Colleges and Universities in Southeastern Wisconsin have partnered with Jens construction to develop solutions for workspace to attract and retain top faculty and students.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Jens Construction has enjoyed great relationships with its industrial clients throughout our history. Industrial manufacturers are constantly partnering with Jens to make their processes more efficient. Our clients will get the most out of every square foot they've invested in their facilities. Click below to see our project partnerships in the Greater Milwaukee Area.


Commercial office customers offer a variety of different building opportunities. Over the years, Jens has worked on a wide range of office construction projects that find cost-effective and timely solutions for their renovation projects.  Whether you are looking to revitalize your existing space, build a new space or maybe just replace the front door, Jens has the expertise to find the right building solutions to suit your building needs. Our attention to quality in commercial construction projects is matched by our focus on safety.

Food Processing

Whether your process is boiling or freezing, it’s of critical importance to manufacture food products in a clean facility. The right building partner can ensure your construction projects are completed in a sanitary manner so you can keep your focus on producing a safe product. We work with many Milwaukee area food processing companies to build and maintain their processing plants. Click below to see what good processing construction projects we've completed.


Religious structures offer a unique architectural style. Stone and wood are just a few elements used to present a respectful environment to carry out functions. We behave as a partner and make sure that everyone feels informed and involved throughout the construction process. Jens also understands that the church cannot be put on hold during construction. We work closely with our client's schedule to ensure the building remains as accessible as possible throughout the project.

Please don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions. We are committed to providing quality service and will get back to you as soon as we can.


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