Commercial & Office Portfolio

1201 South Second Street, Milwaukee, WI  

Rockwell 8th Flr C.E.O. Suite A 15,000-square-foot complete demolition and renovation of Rockwell’s Chief Executive Office suite area was completed by Jens Construction.  This project included installation of a 15’ x 20’ custom built skylight framing the famous Rockwell Clock.  Other unique features included LCD dimmable glass walls and doors for conference room privacy, extensive audio visual equipment, security access monitoring, architectural aluminum columns with stone base/capital and custom made light fixtures with 800 linear feet of neon cove lighting.   Extensive use of wood trim, custom cabinetry, reclaimed granite and wood paneling were used throughout the suite.



MEQUON COURT- Building Addition
1500 W. Mequon Road, Mequon, WI  

This project entailed the construction of a new two story 5,400-square-foot addition to an existing office building with finished office construction, renovation of 5,900 square feet of existing office space, as well as necessary site work to modify parking lot for additional parking requirements.  This project was completed in phases to allow building tenants continued operation while construction activity proceeded.


3801 E. Decorah Road, West Bend, WI  

Serigraph's Auto Graphics Printing facility is used for the high-tech printing of automotive instrument panel components.   The corporate headquarters office area comprises 36,000 square feet of high-level finished space, with the exterior presenting an architectural precast concrete facade.   This project totaled 166,000 square feet and included all site development of a 10-acre rural site.


ROCKWELL AUTOMATION- 7th Floor Executive Suite
1201 South Second Street, Milwaukee, WI  

Rockwell Automation selected Jens Construction for the renovation of 40,000 square feet of manufacturing area to executive offices for finance, tax and legal personnel.  Construction consisted of demolishing a manufacturing area and constructing a high end office area maintaining the “manufacturing” image/feel. 


1100 Glen Oaks Lane, Mequon, WI

Jens designed and constructed this 12,000-square-foot prairie style office facility.  Features include a wood framed structure, generous use of windows and brick veneer/wood siding finish. Interior of office space has a high level of finish including exceptional woodwork.


1550 West MequonRoad, Mequon, WI  

This project consisted of construction of 11,000 s.f. of new multi-tenant retail space and complete renovation of an existing 2,200-s.f. two story retail facility, as well as site improvements. Work included upgrading of all utilities and ADA improvements to the existing building.


Shops at GiGi's

9600 S. 58th Street, Franklin, WI

This firm is a leader in the high-speed labeling industry. In 1972 Jens constructed an initial 26,000-square-foot office and assembly plant, and since have added on to the facility 16 times.  The facility now totals approximately 290,000 square feet, with 80,000 square feet of corporate office functions within the facility.

1100 North Astor Street, Milwaukee, WI

This project entailed the complete renovation of a historic church located on Milwaukee’s lower east side.  A new chapel was constructed on the second floor that incorporated a rose shaped stained glass window that had been “lost” in the attic for many years.  In addition, a columbarium with wall niches for cremated ashes was constructed in the lower level, and a three-story elevator, new public toilet rooms, and modifications to the vestibule were completed to bring the church into compliance with American with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations. 

Immanual Pres. Church

11333 N. Cedarburg Road, Mequon, WI
Mequon City Hall This 16,000-square-foot design/build addition for expanding administrative functions and city operations was constructed adjacent to the existing City Hall, which is on the Historic Landmark Register. Material selection and construction were tied in with the original building to maintain historic status.   This project was awarded to Jens Construction based upon a design/build competition by evaluation of project costs and design as it related to the existing building.


13600 Juneau Boulevard, Elm Grove, WI  

Jens Construction completed a 23,000-square-foot expansion of the existing Library, Police and Fire Department spaces to accommodate the village’s growing needs.  An eye for detail was necessary to blend the existing architectural style with the new expansion.  An additional 22,000 square feet was renovated in the existing facility allowing administrative and governmental departments to expand into the existing police and fire department areas, and provide complete access for people with disabilities

Elm Grove Village Hall


LANDMARK CREDIT UNION- Financial Institution
4000 South 27th Street, Milwaukee, WI  

Landmark Credit 2

This project consisted of selected demolition of an existing Hardees Restaurant facility and renovation into a financial institution.  The roof and east wall were left in place and the remainder of the existing building exterior was removed.  Two drive-through canopies and clock tower were added to the exterior of the building and new facades were constructed on three sides.

9050 W. Heather Avenue, Milwaukee, WI

This 53,000-square-foot facility was constructed for A. L. Schutzman’s roasting and processing operations of edible nuts and snack products.  A precast wall panel system was utilized in the processing area, and the 10,000-square-foot high-end office area is set apart by its decorative brick veneer.

N26 W23314 Paul Road, Pewaukee, WI

This 32,000-square-foot multi-tenant building is constructed of architectural precast concrete panels with storefront glass.  Jens constructed this project on a design/build, turnkey basis, and completed all tenant finish work.